Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Skul Of Rock 3 at 16.August.08 (Saturday)

skul of rock no.3
..tempat nya di tukar lagik sebab da masalah yg sik dapat d elakkan kata pengetua skul of rock...so,
VENUE: Ruai Kenyalang Karaoke lounge Supreme Hotel,near Liwah Hotel and Chilipeppers.

Mun da perubahan gik,akan di maklumkan.Start dari 1.30pm sampey abis kelas la.. So,rami2 kita ke sia...tiket rm5 jak.. Support your local music scene.

"SPECIAL APPEARANCE FROM THE SKINHEAD RUDEBOYS (Yasser and the crew are back!!!) and the winner and runner up from the last session of school of rock NOKTAH TRAGEDI and STREET KID AGGRESSION"

"10 Band will battle to be winner of the 3rd Class session, The Leaf(Indie) will be back for their 3rd appearances, New local band "Bleach" will make their first battle for pride."

"will the SKINHEADS Stomping Till the ground break?"

it will be the Greatest Clash of their Class. See you at The Skul Of Rock 3!!! ..you will decide their faith.. vote for them..


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