Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Rush

The band existed in the scene when Huffyz met Didhy in the lovely City of Kuching.Both of them are true indie music lovers and lots of British Acts.They decided to form the band in the middle of 2003.Didhy was taking the guitarist and vocalist,and huffyz decided to be the drummer.But the band was not enough without bassist,wasn’t it? Didhy told Huffyz to find another line up,until Didhy started to follow his family transfer to Kuala Lumpur.Huffyz never gave up to find the bassist.Didhy and Huffyz still contacted each other eventhough Didhy was transferred to Kuala Lumpur.Huffyz called Didhy by his handphone,he told that,he already got the bassist position.huffyz said the bassist is his bestfriend and his school classmate, Alanx.Didhy knows him too,but not really close,just a little bit.When Didhy came back to Kuching,the three of them met and practised the cover songs of their favourite bands.They discussed on the very sweet Sunday night,and the name of the band was decided.’THE RUSH’ was chosen to be the band name. When the band started to play their own song,the crisis of the band spoiled the band.That was a big crisis.Only the friends of The Rush know the crisis.Huffyz decided to leave the band.Then,Didhy and Alanx found Adthely who plays as the drummer now.Adthely is a very goodboy disciplined drummer.Respect on him,you can do it! Fortunately,the new ’The Rush’ begins,and they participated the Battle Of The Bands.The BOTB is called ’Lord Of The Bands’, organized by Silas of Evenstarr.The Rush got through to the finals,and they won the 5th place consolation.After the battle,The Rush was interviewed by the popular music magazine in Malaysia,Abg Rom and ROTTW.Then,The Rush continued with invitation to perform in the mini gigs,charity performances,open day of colleges and festivals in Kuching City.

For details,booking,gigs or else please contact: Didhy(0168544622) or Adthely(0168871727) or just Email them at :

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