Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sweet Pea

From kuching To Johor and this is their story..

By early 2007,Ady and Munzir already planning to set up a new band.They trying to find a free lineup and Ady made up his mind to persuade Syafiq namely brother to Munzir for joining into their band. After the conversation in looking for a real lineup who will compatible into their musics & influences,Sarol,Azlin and Melaw has join the band.Ady as a Vocals,Munzir as a Keyboarding & Backup Vocals,Syafiq on Bass,Azlin as the 1st Guitarist,Melaw as 2nd Guitarist and Sarol as the Drummer. But in final 2007,this band was no longer to continued their journey. And beginning 2008,their journey not stop there,and this band has been resurrected by Syafiq.In a great spirit,he already to invite his brother(Munzir) in seeking a new lineup for replacing Ady,Sarol,Azlin & Melaw who was no longer in this band on specific reason. Syafiq meet with Ahlong and Apis who are not tied down in any band and they got compromise for joining in Sweetpea. Munzir as a Vocals,Ahlong as 1st Guitarist,Syafiq on Bass and Apis as the Drummer.

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  1. oh yeah. apiz cina or apiz zOo kah ktk org nunggah nya, berik kamek one of their songs.

    it goes like this..

    "...lay in my room,hearing the thing that you;ve said..bla the rain come down, think of how you shall, let it go.. hang on tight,... scared forever instead for one, one more night..."

    i really like the beat, or u called it "the tune" watever lah.. since apiz tok nyuroh kamek ngr n nulis lyric apa di lagu sidak... tapi kamek sik dgr gilak apa di sebut daknya... sora lembut gilak kali oh. ehhe.

    anyway, hope sweet pea tok got more to offer.

  2. Kompom apis Cina ya :-) waakkaa..

  3. sik paham apa dipadah farah tok..

  4. kitak nak lyric lagu kmk org lovesongs kah?anyway pergi kat kmk org pun myspace,msg dari sia.