Tuesday, April 14, 2009

universeCITY of Music Battle Of The Band Review..

Last Saturday the Battle Of the band organize by Numero Uno and ADK(Anti Drugs Kebangsaan).The Battle was supposedly started on 1.30pm,but due some technical difficulty it was delayed till 3.00pm.while waiting for the battle to start,all walks of life start to flock the outside area buying ticket to see the battle.it was sure pack when the battle has started.great jobs by the mc of the day,kojeX(head Chief of K.I.R),and DJ Fad from Cats.fm.the duo makes the crowd alive and not bored with their jokes and games.different from what other battle i had been to,this battle is unique and maybe the first time in a battle of bands competition where is the jury comment on the band just like the "AF" way.so,a lot of bands was hammered by the jury harsh but building comments.the battle ended on 10pm,coming on first is Zass!,runner up Midsommer and in third place is hurricane II.while the best band of the battle is the band Ilang..need not i say much,here are some picture of that day.

people buying ticket on the Front Entrance

bands waiting to do battle
the crowd

dj Fad posing with the sound man
the place was pack,you guys can see even pak aji and mak aji came to give support..

these are some of the bands that perform that day

first guess band of the day,zalikha..if you people know the movie desperado or EL mariachi,this guys are the Sarawak Version of it..with their Spanish songs plus a flute and 2 guitar.the second Guest band is the moonlight,also winner"Skool Of Music Battle".these guys got their song play on cats.fm.so,tune in to cats.fm.if you want to listen to it.
Hurricane II.powerful guitar play.

Zass! the champion.known by their power ranger(cover)song. The Street edge..
Ilang,the best band of the battle.

Cendawanbenefit of the doubtEndoorsYellow PagersGalaksi ke-7
U.M.A.C(unitar music art club)innocent Dummies
Bloody Piss

this is just some of the band that perform that day.sorry there is no picture of midsommer and sorry to the other bands that there is no picture of you guys performing,my camera run out of juice.therefore i can't take picture..

The Jury..

dj Fad(dj Faz) and kojex Entertaining the crowed..

p/s : congrats to the winners,and for the bands that participate,good luck next time.if first you don't succeed,don't give up and keep on improving your band.to numero uno,congrats on the succes of the event.final word from me at K.I.R,KEEP ON ROCKING!!!


  1. best jwak event kdk tok kat kch..

  2. sound ari ya kurang mnyengat ckit lh.....

  3. aiee.. xtauk ku psal event tok