Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sir Attext!!!! tembak sana~~~ tembak sini~~~

About Sir Attext
Sir Attext, a band formed in late 90s from a great atmosphere in Sarawak,Malaysia. This band plays rock music,as what they are always hope for.The line ups : Nazeeb (guitar) Khairul (bass) Bet (vocal) Apap (drum), comes from almost the same music background i.e; local radio stations, music from local 70s and 80s rock band and traditional local music. With so much thoughts of wanting to make own music and to know what it's feels like to have own song, then Sir Attext was born in late 90s. The band just finished recording an EP which includes Rock!, Morning Lisbon and Atmosphere. Be as it may, Sir Attext hopes that they can deliver their style of music to whoever may likes it. Sir Attext believes in limited resources may result to great definition of creativity, and they believes that there are people everywhere wanting to share the same thoughts, and music is one path of it. So, may the thoughts be spread throughout music and Sir Attext hopes to have any of your feedback for their songs, the next movement and the upcoming music exploration. Cheers and Thank You Very Much

Cool band!!! check out their myspace:

Sir Attext: General Info
Member Since12/20/2008
Band MembersBet Nazeeb Khairul Apap
Influencesradio-radio di Sarawak
Type of LabelUnsigned

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