Friday, October 22, 2010


The Shock Troops 

has been started around 2004, with at the time there're were 5 members in the band. After playing gigs here and there in some pubs in their city, Kuching.Just like another bands, they're also got trouble with their band mate leave the band with personal problems! in 2006, the line-up had to be changed,"2006"-line-up MAel(vox)Al(drum)Akim(bass)and Kojack(guitar)

In 2008 

the line-up are changed again. where Mael and Al need to recruited three punkers to play along with the band! so the new line-up. Mael(vocs), Bullet(bass), Andre(1st guitar) tim(2nd guitar)and Al(drum). Mael and Al are the frontman of the band had decided to record their demo on 2008 with there're own record label, rudeboi!s records, called "we're the bootbois!"with 4 songs, which is a bit more than a hardcore punk.their e.p out in 2009. The British oi!/street punk band such as The Business, The4skins, The Last Resort, Combat84,Condemned84,Uksubs,The Exploited,The Casualties,chaos uk,etc.are still to be there're major influenced & nothing has changed, the band still played the same proud & strong skinhead and punk tunes. The lyrics are straight to the point about skinhead and punx,their life with chorus lines arecatchy to sing along and the music are hard, fast and running! Shock Troops are pride of Kuching skinhead and punk, who still alive and kicking. 

So to fans of street punk oi! music come and see them this up coming gigs ya mates!!! 

Catch up on them in Shock Troops@myspacemusic

Mael Shock

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