Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's the New Wave!

Pernah sik kitak orang dengar pasal genre tok? Jawapannya mungkin pelbagai, tapi aku pasti genre tok masih kabur di telinga sesetengah peminat. So aku nak share dengan readers semua, pasal New Wave tok. Genre yang melambangkan kebangkitan music alternative era baru zaman 70's, 80's dan selamanya!

The New Wave

New Wave was a musical movement which originated from the mid-1970s. It emerged from punk rock as a reaction against the popular music of the 1970s. New Wave incorporated various influences such as the rock 'n' roll styles of the pre-hippie era as well as aspects of mod subculture, electronic music, disco, and funk. The term New Wave itself is a source of much confusion.

The term New Wave itself is a source of much confusion. Originally, Seymour Stein, the head of Sire Records, needed a term by which he could market his newly signed bands, who had frequently played the club CBGB. Because radio consultants in the US had advised their clients that punk rock was a fad (and because many stations that had embraced disco had been hurt by the backlash), Stein settled on the term "new wave." He felt that the music was the musical equivalent of the French New Wave film movement of the 1960s. Like those film makers, his new artists (most notably Talking Heads) were anti-corporate, experimental, and a generation that had grown up as critical consumers of the art they now practised. Thus, the term "new wave" was initially interchangeable with "punk rock". During this period of interchangebility, the "new wave" was seen by many as a third distinct movement in rock music, the Rock and Roll of the 1950s being the "first wave', the British Invasions of the 1960s being the "second wave". This latest "third wave" of the 1970s was then the "new wave".

The New Wave incorporated many styles and genres such as Punk rock, glam rock, electronic music, pub rock, ska, pop music, reggae, power pop, and proto-punk. However, their use of modern instruments such as keyboard, synthesizers and drum machine is what gave them their own recognition and popularity among music fans in the 80s and thus, sparked the birth of many sub-genres henceforth.

Popular New Wave bands:

Depeche Mode

New Order


The Cure

The Stranglers

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